Your class has been selected to participate in a new reality-based educational program for television. The new program combines kids' books with real-life survival skills in the wilderness. The first episode features the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. In order to finish the season, it is vital that you investigate aspects of the the novel and the Canadian wilderness. Will you be like Brian Robeson and survive the Canadian wilderness or will you be voted off of the show?


You will be grouped into teams. By answering a series of questions about your topics using provided Internet resources, your team must prepare an oral report for your on-camera presentations and possible interviews. You may use a simple prop or visual aid for your presentation, but it must reflect your topic and capture the spirit of the Canadian wilderness where the show is located. Remember that the information you learn will help you survive and earn you votes.


Your team's survival depends on how accurately you answer the questions that Mrs. Greedy has given you. Choose your group on the left and use the Internet resources on the right hand side of your group's page to assist you in your preparation for the show.