Canadian Wildlife and Nature


1. Tell us about  the population (number and types), landscape, climate, and topography of the Northwest Territories of Canada.

2. Can you estimate where the plane carrying Brian crashes?

3. What would the Northern Canadian wilderness be  like in winter?

4. Name some of the natural resources of this area.

5. Share some ways people in this area make a living.

6. What kind of trees grow in the Northwest Territories?

7. Describe the different kinds of wildlife native to this region.

8. How can we identify tracks of some of these animals?

9. Which bird and fish species live in this area?

10. What important lessons does Brian learn from the wildlife he encounters?

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Now that you have finished the first survival season, do you think this is a good television concept?

Do you think there should be another season?

How well do you think your team performed?

Did everyone work together?

Now that your task is complete, what did you do well?

What would you do differently?

After your preparation for this reality-based program, do you think you could survive in another setting? Where?

What other books would you suggest for future episodes?