Wilderness Survival


1. Describe the five most critical wilderness survival needs.

2. What items should a basic survival kit always include?

3. Name the steps involved in starting a fire without matches or lighters.

4. Why is a fire so important?

5. Share some tips on finding and building a good shelter.

6. Where does Brian find the weapons and tools he needs?

7. Which plants and animals does Brian use for food?

8. List some plants that can harm people.

9. What steps can we take to avoid bear attacks?

10. State the Golden Rule of hiking or backpacking in the wilderness.

11. What is the most urgent thing to remember in any emergency?

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Now that you have finished the first survival season, do you think this is a good television concept?

Do you think there should be another season?

How well do you think your team performed?

Did everyone work together?

Now that your task is complete, what did you do well?

What would you do differently?

After your preparation for this reality-based program, do you think you could survive in another setting? Where?

What other books would you suggest for future episodes?